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They Revived the Pritzker. Seriously?

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Ryue Nishizawa and Kazuyo Sejima (Takashi Okamoto/SANAA)

Martin Filler has written an article entitled ” They Revived the Pritzker” in the NYR Blog section of the New York Review of Books praising the work of 2010 Pritzker Prize-winning SANAA, and crediting their winning of the Pritzker with restauring lost, perhaps never attained, legitimacy to the Prize.  Filler’s article lauds SANAA’s New Museum in New York, while, at the same time, essentially saying that it really doesn’t work as a museum, though he then goes on to marvel at their ability to have completed the structure for the modest sum of a “thrifty $50 million” (“miraculous in its economy”) or $851 per square foot. Even without his misplaced comments regarding the “look” of Nishizawa and Sejima, the two principle partners of SANAA (a “rumpled young yoga instructor” and “adorably dorky”, respectively), one seems obliged to wonder why Filler wrote the article and what he really was trying to say.  Make sure to read the comments, including Filler’s responses, after the article.
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