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Venice 2010 Architecture Biennale – Best Laid Plans?

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 7 September 2010

More more-art-than-architecture, in the Fray Foam Home by Andres Jacque Arquitectos

image: William Menking/The Architect’s Newspaper Blog

 William Menking has published a very interesting post entitled “Venice 2010> Has the Biennale Outlived its Usefulness?” in The Architect’s Newspaper Blog looking at many of the projects and possibilities, some dynamic, some less so, presented at the Venice 2010 Architecture Biennale and asking a couple of the crucial questions:  “When ‘modest’ national pavilions cost $500,000 to $800,000 dollars, are there better ‘architectural’ ways to spend the money? and “Is design in the absence of urbanism truly architecture or just design?”.  Menking doesn’t limit himself to these subjects, however, and also reflects on the ability of exhibitions (architectural or otherwise) to communicate to the cognoscenti (or conoscenti, if you prefer) as well as to the public.  He’s also taken some nice photos.
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