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Decorated, and Curated?

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 28 April 2011

Installation by Aakash Nihalani, in a stairwell and hall decorated by Wayne Nathan

Penelope Green has written a short, rather interesting article entitled “Kips Bay Decorated, and Curated” in the Home & Garden section of The New York Times, looking at the The Kips Bay Decorator Show House (through 26 May 2011, Admission, $30, to benefit the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. (718) 893-8600, extension 245, or and the integration of art, often contemporary art, including installations, video and sculpture, as well as paintings, prints, and drawings, into the ensemble of furniture, lighting, wall and floor coverings, and other decorative elements, which has been, in a strict sense, the historical domaine of interior decorators, and designers.  The eclectic mix can be quite refreshing, indeed.

The article includes an interesting tour of the house, in the slideshow, here.

image: Trevor Tondro/The New York Times


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