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* Residential Architecture: Stine-Gybels House by Pierre Hebbelinck

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 24 March 2012

Residential Architecture: Stine-Gybels House by Pierre Hebbelinck: “..The programme consists in a five-bedrooms single family dwelling comprising two closed garages and endowed with an area dedicated to a film production company..The project rapidly evolved towards a distinction of primary and secondary volumes in a way to articulate on the land. In the last version, the second volume pivoted by a few degrees in order to consider the curve of the hollow path. The implementation thus allowed maintaining the maximum amount of sloping and of land to maintain the overall concept of under wood..”  First, it’s best to correctly understand the poorly translated (from the French, one would imagine) “sous-bois”, here translated as “under wood”, meaning, in fact, undergrowth common to a forested area or its surroundings; nevertheless, and despite the rather daunting entry stairs, the home is developed in an interesting manner..(a shame the vehicle is included in the photo…)

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image: courtesy of Pierre Hebbelinck; article: King , Victoria . “Stine-Gybels House / Pierre Hebbelinck” 23 Mar 2012. ArchDaily. <;


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