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* Architecture: Crystal Bridges Museum by Moshe Safdie

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 29 March 2012

Architecture: Crystal Bridges Museum by Moshe Safdie: “..a cluster of pavilions wrapped around a focal pond. accentuating the remote location, the crowns of surrounding trees peer above the arching roof edge, which draw upon the traditional architecture created with regional materials..concrete colonnades and walls are poured-in-place, warmed with wooden bands which have been preset into the formwork. the flooring of the main galleries are rooted into the earth while laminated wood beams and decks of arkansas white pine produce the column-free spans of the concave and convex roof framing. in conjunction with catenary cables, these together generate a suspension bridge. clad with copper, the toroidal shapes will patina with time, continuing to pick up the coloring of the fauna and flora. intervals between the structural elements create linear skylights which filter daylight into the interior. a secondary layer diffuses the light to protect the artworks on display..”  Contextual sensibility, texture, form, light..

image: Tim Hursley; article: Designboom

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