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* Residential Architecture: Shaw House by Patkau Architects

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Residential Architecture: Shaw House by Patkau Architects: “..The house is organized with living spaces at grade, a music room below, and a single bedroom, study, and lap pool above. The pool, with terraces at each end, runs along the entire west side of the house..Because the house is so narrow, spatial expansion is possible only outward over the water and upward. Generous ceiling heights enlarge spaces; a clerestory above the lap pool transmits daylight and dappled, reflected light deep into the central spaces, including the dining room, which rises from the ground level to the upper level of the house. The entrance is directly under the pool, midway along the side of the house. An almost magical aqueous light is transmitted to the entrance area through the water and glass bottom of the pool..”  Privacy, views, interesting interior volumes and filtered light, outstanding integration of the swimming pool..

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image: © Paul Warchol, Undine Prohl; article: Ross , Kritiana . “Shaw House / Patkau Architects” 13 Apr 2012. ArchDaily. <;


One Response to “* Residential Architecture: Shaw House by Patkau Architects”

  1. Modmissy said

    Outstanding!! Creativity to the max.

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