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* Residential Architecture: Cocoon House by Planning Korea

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Residential Architecture: Cocoon House by Planning Korea: “..cocoon design creates a space like an art piece by translating the round shape of cocoon as an eco-structure design..The circular windows of the cocoon can be opened and closed depending on the indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, so it seems like a live cocoon..[using] environment-friendly interior and exterior finishing materials made from [locally sourced materials] to make a healthy and pure house dealing with the four distinctive seasons..There are three different floor heights on the ground floor. The cocoon zone at the center with the tallest floor height has a courtyard that divides round shape kitchen and living room for gallery. The conference zone on the right complements living room function and a room on the left was created using landing space..”  Though the central element appears to be a bit of a UFO, though it does offer a well-appointed interior featuring wood, the ensemble of units is interesting, and the sustainable approach commendable..

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image: Courtesy of Planning Korea; article: Furuto , Alison . “Cocoon House / Planning Korea” 01 May 2012. ArchDaily.>


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