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* Residential Architecture: House In Praia Preta by Nitsche Arquitetos Associados

Posted by the editors on Friday, 4 May 2012

Residential Architecture: House In Praia Preta by Nitsche Arquitetos Associados: “..The house is a link among the natural forces surrounding it. The house has been completely remodeled. From the original building, we have only preserved its location, its laminated-wooden structure and a few walls..All floors and finishings have been removed and a new roof structure has been added, so as to augment the ceiling height. Remodeling had the purpose of strengthen the house’s feature of being a liaison to the natural forces. The private area has been split in identical parts and the living spaces have been joined together into a single roomy space..The house is a large rectangular platform with its longer sides parallel to the beach. The building is virtually resting on the beach sand. One of the two largest façades faces the beach and the other looks at the mountains. These large façades are composed of wide apertures and broad linear verandas. Parallel verandas in opposed façades help in the circulation for the different rooms..”  Views, indoor/outdoor sensibility, verandas, louvred screens..

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image: Courtesy of Nitsche Arquitetos Associados; article: King , Victoria . “House In Praia Preta / Nitsche Arquitetos Associados” 03 May 2012. ArchDaily.<;


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