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* Architecture: S.Deer Corporate Headquarters by Prechteck

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 17 May 2012

Architecture: S.Deer Corporate Headquarters by Prechteck: “..At fashionshows, photoshootings or previous store designs, cubes in different size and configurations are omnipresent and have been a key object and an unofficial logo for representing S.Deer. The scheme divides the building into 2 structurally independant components interacting with each other on a certain height. 2 entities supporting each other and generating an working and lifestyle hybrid for the company..Angled sky-gardens cut into the building getting natural lighting to the lower floors of the building. On the upper floors creative areas for rebooting and relaxing circumscribe the peremiter of those gardens..”  Integrated design sensibility, distinctive form..

designalog: contact

image: Courtesy of Prechteck; article: Furuto , Alison . “S.Deer Corporate Headquarters / Prechteck” 16 May 2012. ArchDaily. <;


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