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* Residential Architecture: Villa Topoject by AND

Posted by the editors on Monday, 21 May 2012

Residential Architecture: Villa Topoject by AND: “..A cedar-clad house near Seoul by Korean architects AND spirals up from beneath the ground..The black-stained cedar panels encase the top floor of the two-storey Villa Topoject, projecting ahead of the glazed west face to provide a sheltered balcony..Below this balcony, a decked terrace at ground floor level overlooks a shallow pool of water in the garden..A grass lawn surrounding the house slopes onto the building to cover the roof, where a concealed, walled garden is located..A living room, bedroom, study and greenhouse occupy the first floor, while a guest suite and storage area are buried into the landscape below.”  Green roof, distinctive form, grey-stained cedar cladding, extensive glazing and natural light, interior garden..  (On a veritable Seoul train for the last week or so..and it’s quite a ride..)

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image: Byun, Jong Seok; article: Dezeen

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