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* Residential Architecture: Satu House by Chrystalline Artchitect

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Residential Architecture: Satu House by Chrystalline Artchitect: “..The Idea is simply to create a maximum space within its limited site. By minimising the use of wall as a partition toward the main area, so we can deliver maximum open space..The entire main structure has been preliminary assembled on the workshop before it’s been constructed on the site, to ensure all the steel joint detail were design and worked perfectly. Large dimension beams that been required gave me a chance to optimize the height of the beams to place ventilation grill between each of it. Those ventilations provide circulation for hot air to flow out with roof glass at the left and right side of the building to bring natural light for the house during the day..”  Maximised interior space on small site, natural light, interior reflecting pool..

image: William Sebastian; article: Contemporist

designalog: contact


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