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* Residential Architecture: Fertile House by MU Architects

Posted by the editors on Friday, 25 May 2012

Residential Architecture: Fertile House by MU Architects: “..adds a variety of garden spaces within the developing residential town. positioned within a dense city block, the corner lot structure features minimal outward openings which an entry recessed from view. turning attention inwards, an extension from the house forms a U-shaped footprint around a central open-air courtyard. the south-facing living area opens to the back yard with a wall of glass doors which slide back on themselves to link the indoor and outdoor spaces..[the] bedroom is placed on the ground level near the kitchen and living room, while the common areas and guest rooms are placed on the upper floor. enclosed with a net, a rooftop terrace with a garden is accessed from a window from the interior stairway. polycarbonate linings around concealed light fixtures reflect artificial light into the terrace and interior at night..”  Significant glazing, courtyard and garden, traditional exterior envelope with contemporary French interior details, questionable choice of furniture..  Photos with people?  Without people?  With furniture?  Without furniture?  What are your thoughts?..

image: © sophie carles, courtesy of MU architects; article: Designboom

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