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* Architecture: CTF Tianjin Tower by SOM

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 26 May 2012

Architecture: CTF Tianjin Tower by SOM: “..a 96-storey building designed by international practice SOM. concealed with curving glass curtain wall, eight inclined columns form the undulating profile’s main structural framework. these elements collectively strengthen the stiffness of the tower, resolving the gravity-induced loads and lateral forces generated by seismic events. multi-storey wind vents expressed within the facade along with an aerodynamic shape will reduce vortex shedding caused by the increasing wind impact at higher elevations. cumulatively measuring 4.2 million square feet, the project meets LEED gold standards with optimized daylighting, high performance envelope and landscaped green areas. the internal program includes offices, 300 apartments and a 350-room 5-star hotel within the arching top at the 1,730 foot-high zenith. prior testing of 18 different schemes within a wind tunnel has led to a design with the least movement and quiet interior in comparison to other implemented skyscrapers..”  LEED gold, mixed-use skyscraper..

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