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* Architecture: Noorderparkbar by Bureau SLA + Overtreders W

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 27 May 2012

Architecture: Noorderparkbar by Bureau SLA + Overtreders W: “..a coffee bar and local gathering space for resident..entirely funded and constructed by members of the two firms, this bottom-up project sourced all the components to build the structure from approximately 100 individual traders found on a dutch market website similar to eBay. although solely comprised of second-hand materials, the pavilion projects the appearance of a new construct. due to their method of gradually gathering the building elements, the design and building process occurred simultaneously..the overall volume is generated by three units originally implemented for a temporary hospital which have been stripped-down and re-purposed. two frameworks are stacked, defining the outdoor dining terrace. wooden doors may be swung open during the day and closed at night to prevent vandalizing. the cladding’s fragmented pattern is generated by placing lumber pieces at random angles with an airspace between, making the most of a few thousand meters of leftover wood from renovation projects. the surface has been charred with an ancient japanese technique ‘shou sugi ban’ to protect the exterior from the elements..”  Inspiring use of exclusively recycled materials, social sensibility, natural light, striking visual and elemental repetition..

image: © jeroen musch, courtesy of bureau SLA; article: Designboom

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One Response to “* Architecture: Noorderparkbar by Bureau SLA + Overtreders W”

  1. studiokiss said

    Reblogged this on studiokiss and commented:
    This is one great project, I love the simplicity it achieves with just the use df recycled materials. Also the use of the ancient Japanese charing method of “Shou sugi ban” for the exterior is superb.

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