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* Residential Architecture: Istria Residence by Dva Arhitekta

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 27 May 2012

Residential Architecture: Istria Residence by Dva Arhitekta: “..The house is divided in two separate buildings: the main – family house and accessory – guest house. Slight tlt of 60 ° creates a relationship between the two buildings that exsists solely as a set. Mass composition is activated by two volumes with an empty space in between which is connected with a porch on one side and an atrium on the other. The genius loci of the Mediterranean primarily binds us to the arcades, porches and atrium..Atrium, besides obstructions of views, allows shading in the summer so necessary in this climate zone. Exterior openings are narrow and reduced to the streets and neighbours, while very open to the atrium. The roof is ventilated double oblique, visible from the atrium..”  Extensive glazing, natural light, privacy, interior courtyard, atrium, indoor swimming pool..

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image: © Robert Leš; article: Saieh , Nico . “Istria Residence / Dva Arhitekta” 19 Jan 2011. ArchDaily. <;


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