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* Residential Architecture: House on the Marsh by A1 Architects

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 31 May 2012

Residential Architecture: House on the Marsh by A1 Architects: “..a private lodge located in [a] mountainous district..The architecture of the house had to follow strict building regulations including the house geometry or specific colors or materials which were dictated by the local authorities, to reach traditional vernacular architecture..Simple and traditional form of the house with tall gabled roof is repeated in an unique long dormer window which serves as a special extra space with splendid view of the valley. Dark green vertical cladding protects the supporting timber structure of the house..In winter one might enter the lodge under the prolonged eaves that roofs southern glazed veranda, which perfectly serves also for sunbathing or preparation of all ski equipment. The sliding glass could be adjusted according to the weather conditions. The northern veranda is a storage for firewood..”  Simple, tradition form, with the exception of the extended dormer; creative, light wood interior with interesting volumes..

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image: © A1 Architects – David Maštálka; article: Saieh , Nico . “House on the Marsh / A1 Architects” 30 May 2012. ArchDaily. <;


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