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* Residential Architecture: Villa Renesse II by Jack Hoogeboom

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 31 May 2012

Residential Architecture: Villa Renesse II by Jack Hoogeboom: “..the structure is immersed within a wooded forest along a dune on a site close to the coast of the north sea. the glazed exterior and roof skylights introduce natural daylight as well as offer outward views into the surrounding greenery. private rooms for the owners and guests each with personal baths branch from a spacious living and dining area. an open gallery on the upper level loft is enclosed with a glass partition which may be transformed into a blacked-out cinema room..below grade, the spa is comprised of a centrally positioned 12 meter pool allowing residents to circulate around the walls and columns which border the water, creating a theatrical effect. other amenities include a shower, whirlpool and three saunas which directly access the living room and the garden outside with an external stair. entirely constructed from timber, the renewable resource offers thermal insulation in winter and summe months, as well as vapor permeability to maintain the indoor climate. a green roof planted with grass, low-E glass, heat pump and underfloor heating support both sustainable and comfort priorities..”  Weathered wood exterior cladding, contemporary, clean interior, abundant glazing and natural light, contextual sensibility..

image: © jeroen musch, courtesy of jack hoogeboom; article: Designboom

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