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* Architecture: Jellicoe Harbour and Silo Park by Taylor Cullity Lethl​ean, Wraight + Associates

Posted by the editors on Friday, 1 June 2012

Architecture: Jellicoe Harbour and Silo Park by Taylor Cullity Lethlean, Wraight + Associates: “..Working waterfronts are constantly in flux; crusty, utilitarian, muscular and dissolving, with temporal qualities that engage all of our senses. Yet contemporary waterfront redevelopments are often characterised by the removal of the very qualities that attract us to these places. At Auckland’s Wynyard Point redevelopment these conventions are challenged in a development that anticipates transforming a forlorn industrial and maritime precinct into a layered, mixed-use precinct..The design weaves public realm experiences around these ‘as found’ conditions. The harbour edge, North Wharf Promenade, is now a site of negotiation, a pedestrian and cycle promenade from which to witness and experience the coexisting waterfront industry. It is also a site of contrasts with the patina of wharfs, rails, rust and ropes juxtaposed with the adjacent lustre of alfresco dining that has thrived in this authentic waterfront condition..”  Social, contextual and materiality sensibility..

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image: © Jeff Brass; article: Ross , Kritiana . “Jellicoe Harbour and Silo Park / Taylor Cullity Lethlean, Wraight + Associates” 31 May 2012.ArchDaily. <;


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