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* Residential Architecture: A Barn in the Countryside by Kwint Architekten

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 2 June 2012

Residential Architecture: A Barn in the Countryside by Kwint Architekten: “..a residence integrated into an existing vernacular structure..maintaining the traditional gabled roof form..this dwelling maintains the aesthetic of the regional typology without preservation while adding contemporary spatial needs of inhabitants living outside of the city limits. reinterpreting the barn as a home, the exterior is sheathed with a layer of horizontal wooden blinds, allowing air to ventilate into a transitory covered space before entering the interior..concealed and integrated into the cladding, large barn-style doors may remain closed for privacy or swung open for additional daylight. the appendage may be positioned perpendicular to the facade to offer framed views of the encompassing fields from the perimeter outdoor rooms and living areas. bordering two sides of the home, a dark wood deck creates a contrasting plinth for the steel framework and light wood of the external shell as well as an outdoor area to receive the southern sun..”  Extensive glazing, abundant light and views, interesting interior volume, indoor/outdoor sensibility and slatted cladding, interesting vernacular references..

image: courtesy of kwint architekten; article: Designboom

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