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* Architecture: Spruce Art Center by LYCS Architecture

Posted by the editors on Monday, 4 June 2012

Architecture: Spruce Art Center by LYCS Architecture: “..the design is a mixture of two fundamental challenges in architecture: to evoke new spatial meaning while reconciling an existing structure, and to produce a formal language that can be dynamic and strong, yet carefully caress spruce trees..[the] design creates three different internal courtyards hinged together, embracing within the spruce woods: a tranquil courtyard on the northeast part of the site secludes itself from the rest and blocks the often-busy views from outside and provides people with a moment to meditate with solitude, to appreciate the spruce in reflection and to [breathe]..The central courtyard functions as an interior circulation space, connecting both the open and closed courtyard by dissuading movement and view. The roof is an evolution of the Chinese traditional tile pitched roof: the four vertexes of the roof curve up at minor degrees and consequently descend the roofing gently towards the midpoint while a mirrored action is duplicated towards the roofing center surprisingly at the end. This transformation holds the drainage advantage originated from the pitched roof, in addition to echoing a reminiscent sentiment [with respect to] the buildings nearby..”  Contextual, cultural, historical sensibility, proximity to nature, natural light and views, interior courtyards and indoor/outdoor sensibility..

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image: Courtesy of LYCS Architecture; article: Furuto , Alison . “Spruce Art Center / LYCS Architecture” 02 Jun 2012. ArchDaily. <;


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