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* Residential Architecture: 43base House by Miurashin Architect + Associates

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 7 June 2012

Residential Architecture: 43base House by Miurashin Architect + Associates: “..stackable units are defined with a framework which has been constructed with 150mm x 150mm x 12mm L-shaped steel elements that have been prefabricated in a factory. stepped into a hill, a garage at street level is the initial point of entry. a spiral staircase leads inhabitants into the first level kitchen..from this room, the interior opens up vertically with a visible spiraling of successive rooms around a single column. connected with stairways or elevated upon a platform, the quad-form plan maximizes the airiness despite the site’s limited area. sightlines continue across the spaces, offering aerial views into lower parts of the dwelling. positioned on the highest storey, a bedroom is placed to conceal itself from view from the common areas below. the retreat opens to a roof terrace, overlooking the encompassing urban district..”  Commendable, visually intriguing interior volumes and sight-lines for this home on a severely constraint urban site; extensive glazing, natural light, materiality and form sensibility, roof terrace..

See our post on another home, especially appreciated by our dedicated readers,  by Miurashin Architect + Associates: Residential Architecture: House at the Mountain by Miurashin Architect + Associates.

image: courtesy of miurashin architect + associates; article: Designboom

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