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* Architecture: Kukje Gallery by SO-IL

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 10 June 2012

Architecture: Kukje Gallery by SO-IL: “..this art gallery.. is draped in a veil of chain mail..craftsmen welded and ground 510,000 stainless-steel links by hand to make the mesh blanket that fits precisely over the protruding lift shaft, stairwell and entrances..A 16-metre-long gallery spans the double-height ground floor and is top-lit by a skylight round the edge of the ceiling..An auditorium lined with wood provides a venue for lectures in the basement, accessed via a staircase that wraps around one corner of the building..”  Distinctive facade treatment, interesting interior volumes..7-image slideshow, photos by Iwan Baan..

See our post on another project by New York-based architects SO-IL: Architecture: Frieze Art Fair NYC by SO-IL.

image: Iwan Baan; article: Dezeen

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