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* Residential Architecture: Mountain Lodge on Sognefjorden by Haptic

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 10 June 2012

Residential Architecture: Mountain Lodge on Sognefjorden by Haptic: “..a swimming pool, spa, cinema and games room will be hidden in the rock beneath the main cluster of buildings at this Norwegian hunting lodge and hotel..A lounge, kitchen and library will be accommodated in five buildings surrounding an open courtyard, oriented so they each look out onto a different view of the surrounding forest or Norway’s largest fjord..A lower-level cut into the mountain will house the additional facilities for guests, including spa and treatment rooms, a gymnasium and a pool with a wall that partially exposes the surrounding rock..Natural materials including timber cladding and raw stone will help root the buildings in their surroundings, while cutaway corners and openings offer different vistas..Paths will lead from the lodge to eight private cabins nestled among the trees on the hillside that descends towards the fjord..”  Magnificent site, contextual and materials sensibility, ample glazing, lovely views, luxurious..

image: Courtesy of Haptic; article: Dezeen

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