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* Residential Architecture: BF House by Humberto Hermeto

Posted by the editors on Monday, 11 June 2012

Residential Architecture: BF House by Humberto Hermeto: “.. a house as a platform with all the spaces in a single level (which should be as high as possible to take advantage of existing views)..a cut in the front lower part of the lot a strip of about 16 ft for parking. A retaining wall 13 ft tall holds the remaining earth and access of the residents are provided by an elevator. The house is almost 50ft above, a longitudinal body that opens to a sun terrace..Its eastern end is moved according to the rules creating a belvedere-living room with 3 glass walls that give the residents 180 degree view..The structure of the house is conventional: 16 columns (resting on a pile base) holding the main body: alongside a pair of longitudinal beams support the floor slab, and another pair (in this case inverted) holding the roof slab, free of internal elements that also functions as an integrating element of the proposed spaces..”  Extensive glazing, inspiring views, cantilevers, pilotis; some details may be a bit too present (e.g., the inverted support beams) and others rather onerous (e.g., access by elevator, though glassed-in and no doubt a lovely experience) or vague (e.g., ventilation, solar protection); infinity pool..

See our post on another home by Humberto Hermeto: Residential Architecture: JE House by Humberto Hermeto.

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image: Eduardo Eckenfels; article: Saieh , Nico . “BF House / Humberto Hermeto” 14 Apr 2009. ArchDaily. <;


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