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* Residential Architecture: House in Cattolica by Ghirardelli Architetti

Posted by the editors on Monday, 11 June 2012

Residential Architecture: House in Cattolica by Ghirardelli Architetti: “..’House with One Window’..The project consists of a single compact and clear volume divided into three independent units..The very close neighboring buildings stabilized the purpose of having windows at first sight not visible from the outside, those are almost like little holes [in the] bark [of a tree] or gentle splits on a linen fabric..according to the necessity of having a real intimacy of living. Only exception is the one big window freely open on the street..”  Despite a questionable and perhaps excruciatingly vague architect’s description, House in Cattolica is wood clad with deliberate separation of elements, hiding sub-skin fenestration;  this permits privacy and the penetration of natural light into the interior volumes, augmented by interior detailing fostering the dispersal of energy and other sustainability features..

image: Valentina Bove, courtesy Ghirardelli Architetti; article: plusMOOD

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