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* Residential Architecture: Villa Frenay by 70F architecture

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Residential Architecture: Villa Frenay by 70F architecture: “..The house is a one-story bungalow, while the site asked for a response to “living at the water.” The latter is accomplished by making a veranda along the entire length of the building (south), at the most important rooms of the house; from bedroom, to wardrobe, to the master bathroom, to hobby room to the kitchen and finally to the dining- and around the corner the living room. Along this line, there is a transition from water to veranda, to completely glass facade..To break the flat polder landscape, the roof of the living / dining room is slightly sloping. At the non-waterfront (north) of the house there are the children’s rooms with their bathroom, a utility room and the living room. The existing artificial ‘hills’ on the premises we accentuated, and the carport with storage room is half buried in one of them. The sauna with garden shed is placed on another hill, and is the highest of the three buildings. From the sauna is a view over a Cor-Ten steel waterfall that runs along the open-air terrace at the gable of the house, sloping towards the water feature that runs along the plot..”  Extensive glazing, natural light, visual and physical indoor/outdoor sensibility, classic design interior decoration, some interesting intermedial graphics..

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image: © Luuk Kramer; article: Cifuentes , Fabian . “Villa Frenay / 70F architecture” 11 Jun 2012. ArchDaily. <;


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