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* Residential Architecture: House F by Biasi Bonomini Vairo Architetti

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Residential Architecture: House F by Biasi Bonomini Vairo Architetti: “..the renovation of a split-level house dating back to early 70s, by the partial demolition of existing building structure and the reorganization of the distributive spaces, looks for a new dynamism and a new relationship with the landscape, natural and man-made..The structure of the floors, arranged on three different levels, plays a new role with the introduction of a high void volume crossing vertically the whole building so as to trigger new spatial relationships and reorganize functions. The new access to housing introduces at the base of the void volume. On the ground floor the void organizes living rooms, kitchen and dining spaces as a continuity of white space mediated by sliding glass walls that gradually ends in the sea terrace..”  Renovation offering a sharp, clean, luminous contemporary interior with interesting volumes, abundant glazing, natural light, views..

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image: © Marco Zanta; article: King , Victoria . “House F / Biasi Bonomini Vairo Architetti” 11 Jun 2012. ArchDaily. <;


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