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* Residential Architecture: Adzuki House by Horibe Naoko Architect Office

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 14 June 2012

Residential Architecture: Adzuki House by Horibe Naoko Architect Office: “..a small three-storey private residence for a single family..situated on a plot measuring a little over 80 m2, the exceptionally compact design seeks to establish an open sense of space by carefully arranging rooms around an interior courtyard..wrapped in a skin of galvanized steel panels finished in a dark burgundy shade, he simple volume exhibits a closed face to the street, save for a series of large, elevated windows that give glimpses of the courtyard within. this space features a contrasting white finish which lends the design an added sense of depth..placed mid-depth into the layout is a slim courtyard that extends the height of the three-storey house..upon entry, it is the main focal point of the space with sliding glass doors drawing natural daylight into the interior. the major communal programs such as the kitchen, dining and living rooms are placed on the second level and are arranged to directly look into the courtyard. the staircase is utilized as a spatial tool to define the different programs without the aid of full wall partitions. the floor slabs are also offset to create diversity in ceiling heights, extending the sense of space vertically for common rooms..”  Privacy, interior courtyard, abundant glazing and natural light, interesting interior volumes..

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image: courtesy horibe naoko architect office; article: Designboom

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