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* Residential Architecture: Elysium House by Richard Kirk Architect

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 14 June 2012

Residential Architecture: Elysium House by Richard Kirk Architect: “..The residence occupies the majority of the allowable building envelope and then provides a carved out two story volume in the centre to allow light and ventilation to all interior spaces..The carved interior volume provides an internal focus visually and functionally. The inside and outside are united by seamless transitions and the consistent use of a restrained palette of materials. Materials are generally timbers left to weather naturally, zinc, and self-finished oxide renders which will improve their appearance with time, allowing the houses to merge with the landscape with an overall desire for applied finishes to be kept to a minimum..the living spaces [are] treated as a field of connected spaces and rooms whilst the bedrooms on the next level are conceived as nests floating above..The building is largely opened on the short access to allow views out of site with the living level utilising sliding screens to opening the interior completely to the exterior. The long axis walls are largely solid and openings are finely screened with vertical timber to blend with the vertical cedar cladding to give the sense of taught solid volume folding over the long sides..”  Ample glazing, natural light, indoor/outdoor sensibility, cedar cladding, slatted wood shutters..

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image: © Scott Burrows; article: King , Victoria . “Elysium / Richard Kirk Architect” 19 Apr 2012. ArchDaily. <;


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