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* Residential Architecture: Hans House by M.O.D.O.

Posted by the editors on Friday, 15 June 2012

Residential Architecture: Hans House by M.O.D.O.: “..the site is sandwiched between two suburban houses and common practice when it comes to locating a suburban house on a site, is to start at the centre of the plot and enlarge the footprint until the space required is met. Typically remaining on the side of the site is a two narrow strips of unusable landscape and a standard suburban backyard. The backyard’s intention is to give the occupants a sense of connectivity to the outside, however because of poor orientation and spatial planning, the garden is often under valued, resulting in a passive relationship with the interior..In Hans-house, instead of standing next to the backyard, the form cradles and pulls the landscape in and to the centre of the house. Giving the landscape a stronger presence in the overall design of this home. The backyard shares the rear of the site with the living room, the two spaces are divided by a large glass sliding door and a deep timber clad reveal. The depth of the timber reveal formally articulates and stretches out the hidden gap between the internal and external. The edge of the reveal also creates a handy seat for large family gatherings. By activating the edge, the spaces are encourage to flow in and out of each other..”  Ample glazing, wood cladding, and a distinct indoor/outdoor sensibility, the home presents a number of counter-balancing styles and materials, interesting in their effective integration and the rethinking of dominant suburban design parameters..

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image: Courtesy of M.O.D.O & Ricky Fung; article: “Hans House / M.O.D.O” 14 Jun 2012. ArchDaily. <;


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