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* Architecture: Jansen Campus by Davide Macullo Architects

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 16 June 2012

Architecture: Jansen Campus by Davide Macullo Architects: “..headquarters for the swiss steel and plastics company..a multitude of different sized inclined planes, sloping in various directions, that achieve a visual spatial balance. its angled roof creates shadows and reflections throughout the day to characterize the built area of the place. the extension to the site allows for the creation spaces on a human scale within the existing site’s fabric. this has led to the formation of a series of areas that evoke the atmosphere of public squares..the facade is clad in a dark pre-patinated perforated rheinzink mesh giving the material a color that evokes a density of tones. the semi-structure is a new organization produced by jansen to guarantee a continuity of the reflective, glazed and transparent elements, without the need for external support mechanisms. to construct the sloping roofs, a complex of fibers to the concrete casting was developed to adhere to the metal reinforcement. a radiant system based on thermal mass principles is integrated into the building; heating and cooling circuits have been installed into the floors and ceilings, ensuring the quality conditioning of all spaces..the internal landscape is articulated as a fluid zone, acting as an extension of the urban streets of the village. a system of solids and voids expand in all directions. the apparent mass of the building is dematerialized internally, flooded with natural light. the public functions are distributed from a reception space on the ground floor. rooms for meetings, business lunches and a restaurant all lead off this area. beside the reception is the ‘mission control’ representing the operational heart of the company and acts almost like the stock market, where all information regarding the inner workings of the company is processed here in real time..”  Interesting planar geometry, extensive glazing, metallic mesh skin offering a variable visual effect..

image: © enrico cano; article: Designboom

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