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* Residential Architecture: 8 Houses in Chiba by Betillon / Dorval-Bory

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 16 June 2012

Residential Architecture: 8 Houses in Chiba by Betillon / Dorval-Bory: “..a series of detached dwellings contained within a single roof form in chiba, japan. using the qualities of attic spaces, the interior program is completely inserted within the gabled structure. elevated from the ground, the encompassing landscape continues uninterrupted beneath the residences, also leaving area for a grand communal garden as well as parking. the constructed volume wraps the periphery of the plot, concealing the individual units into a collective and elegant building..four types of arrangements are present including a 250 square meter large family house, and diverse sizes ranging from 147 to 128 and 95 square meters. within the steep roof, a lofted bedroom or mezzanine may be found, enclosed with glass panes to introduce natural daylight..”  Rigorous geometry, extensive wood, social sensibility; yet..a formalism that yields what appears to be, due to the steep roof pitch, a perhaps impractical interior geometry..

image: courtesy of betillon / dorval-bory; article: Designboom

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