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* Residential Architecture: DPR House by MCK Architecture & Interiors

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 16 June 2012

Residential Architecture: DPR House by MCK Architecture & Interiors: “..Clean lines and fine finishes give DPR a haunting beauty, while transitional spaces show imagination and thorough attention to detail. The generous scale and proportion applied to each room lends a vast sense of peace to the home, with the simple device of light used create tension and drama..The long linear kitchen draws the eye down the middle of the home, and out toward the lawned garden. Here a long narrow pool is etched neatly into the green grass with  pathways zig zagging around the home’s glass edge. Windows are super-sized in order to ‘bring the outside in’ and a long lap pool creates an inviting exterior feature. From the back of the property, the ‘hatching egg’ shape of the building seamlessly envelopes two deep levels, with the cracked roof hovering over the pool deck and wrapping a wing over a graceful outdoor dining terrace. Perfectly equipped for the temperate Sydney climate, this beautiful transitional space that walks a tightrope between indoor and out, reminding one of a gazebo in a Japanese courtyard home..”  Intriguing, textured, and private front facade; very interesting interior volumes, visual communication and textures; fascinating geometries; wood, extensive glazing,  indoor/outdoor sensibility..

image + article: Arthitectural

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