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* Residential Architecture: Crescent House by Shigeru Ban Architects

Posted by the editors on Monday, 18 June 2012

Residential Architecture: Crescent House by Shigeru Ban Architects: “..named after its arcing C-shaped plan. lifted on pilotis, the first floor living spaces are entered through a glass-enclosed staircase at ground level which rises into the underside of the structure. a deep curved cross-section forming the floor, wall and ceiling planes is sealed with sliding glass doors, accentuating the northern vistas as the primary attention of dwellers. the configuration frames views to mt. fuji in the distance while blocking away the presence of neighboring residences to the east, west or south..two bedrooms placed at opposing ends are separated from the combined living, dining and kitchen with partitions to create volumes for the utility functions. the depth of the dwelling is at its greatest in the living room, supporting the cantilevered roof’s longest span with a fireplace and chimney instead of a column..”  Extraordinary..unique form, contextual sensibility, extensive glazing, natural light, views..

image: © hiroyuki hirai; article: Designboom

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