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* Residential Architecture: Semi-detached House by Chenchow Little

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Residential Architecture: Semi-detached House by Chenchow Little: “..The Semi-detached House project involved substantial alterations and additions to an ‘Arts and Crafts’ semi-detached house..Due to the location of the dwelling adjacent to the beach and Sydney’s temperate climate, the starting point for the project was an exploration of ‘interstitial’/ in-between/ veranda space..The design involved the addition of a new steel framed superstructure, housing the ‘interstitial’ spaces and the living rooms, above the existing sandstone basement and roughcast rendered bedroom level. The interstitial spaces extend the living areas and incorporate verandas, courtyards, stairways and a circulation path linking the street level to the garden below..A skin of adjustable louvres provides privacy and solar control to the interstitial space. The louvres are applied continuously across the façade. The flanges of the horizontal steel members are reduced to the same visual order as the louvre blades. The viewer experiences the façade as a textural surface without any focal points. Here, we are not interested in breaking down the scale by including discernable features such as window openings or awnings arranged through a formalistic logic of collage or montage. By applying the louvre suite en masse across the whole façade, and carefully detailing its connections, we were able to ‘unload’ the traditional utilitarian interpretation of the device and the material..”  Privacy, ample glazing, filtered natural light for this contemporary reworking of a vernacular residential form..

See our post on another, very different, home by Chenchow Little: Residential Architecture: Pitched Roof House by Chenchow Little.

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image: John Gollings; article: “Semi-detached House / Chenchow Little” 16 Apr 2010. ArchDaily. <;


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