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* Residential Architecture: Hansha Reflection House by Studio Sklim

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Residential Architecture: Hansha Reflection House by Studio Sklim: “..a specific residence for a specific site, set to address the ephemeral moments of the surroundings with structural ingenuity and material sublimity..the house was conceived to be an object with the environment. The programmatic zones of Public, Service and Private spatially organised the house into 3 distinct zones with further punctuation of the main massing with the Landscape element; providing spaces for the courtyard and roof deck. This base form was further chiseled with structure, daylight /ventilation and viewpoint concerns..Using timber from a renewable source, coupled with building technology that utilised a hybrid of traditional mortise and tenon joint system with steel bracketing, this house was able to push the ubiquitous “boxed” building envelope for timber residential construction..”  Distinctive cantilevered form, interesting interior volumes, abundant wood, mezzanine, interior courtyard, adequate glazing, natural light and views..

image: © Jeremy San; article: Arthitectural

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