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* Residential Architecture: House in Tanimannari by Akio Kamiya Architect & Associates

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 23 June 2012

Residential Architecture: House in Tanimannari by Akio Kamiya Architect & Associates: “..a two-part renovation project..consisting of a two-storey detached room and a free-standing green house, the design maintains a careful balance between the old and the new, being sensitive to the pre-existing main building while injecting a modern character through materiality and form..located west of the main house beyond a parallel-running retaining wall, the greenhouse provides a place to cultivate local muscat grapes. the simple, square-shaped plan is pulled up to a symmetrically-sloping roof form that moulds the space within into a triangular volume. completely transparent save for the stacked stone base, the atmosphere of the interior shifts according to the trajectory of the day; natural daylight filters in through the grapevines and surrounding trees, resulting in a porously shaded space. newly paved with white brick..a former annex that housed two japanese-style rooms and a small storeroom, the detached room utilizes the original structure of the building, maintain the rich identity of the exterior intact. the ground level accommodates an open dining and living space that features a kitchen at the center of its layout. a staircase at the back leads up to a bedroom that overlooks the area below through a set of sliding screens..”  Wonderful fusion of contemporary and traditional, extensive glazing, wood, timber beams, stone..

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image:  © akio kamiya, courtesy akio kamiya architect & associates; article: Designboom

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