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* Residential Architecture: Villa VS by T3 architecture

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 24 June 2012

Residential Architecture: Villa VS by T3 architecture: “..this project plays with the typology of agricultural farm houses architecture..a strong contemporary element that could bring a totally new identity to the house..The strong element of the project is the rusty steel facade of the adding volumes. This facade is made of industrial steel sheet that have been left to rust under the olive trees, then fixed and varnished on site, before to be randomly shaped and implement by the craftsmen..The interior design use the same steel vocabulary that can be find in different elements such as stair, doors or glass partitions. The insulation is made of blown in cellulose filling in addition with an exterior wood fiber insulation that insure a high summer protection..In order to benefit of a maximum solar gain, the timber frame extension is widely open on is south facade. It is shape around an old oak that insure a natural solar protection. To complete a perfect control during the warm period of the provençal summer, all openings are fitted with motorized swiveling slats – blinds..”  Abundant glazing, natural light, agreeable views; interesting interior volumes and details, rusted steel and stone exterior..

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image: Courtesy of  T3 architecture; article: “Villa VS / T3 architecture” 20 Jan 2012. ArchDaily. <;


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