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* Residential Architecture: FP House by João Diniz Arquitetura Ltda

Posted by the editors on Monday, 25 June 2012

Residential Architecture: FP House by João Diniz Arquitetura Ltda: “..The Pampulha lagoon in Belo Horizonte is full of architectural significance  and to build on its margins means to be close to the modernist legacy.  The building considers that recent history but also expresses its modern urban spirit  with rural balconies and breezes. The land slope dialogues with the building and proposes fittings and suspensions. The house contains two times: The fluctuation of the front volume shows the intimate side of the residence pointing the future at the edge of water; the covering of the open area in the back, where parties burn the wood at the oven, is close to the ground and timeless memories..In a sequence of steps and floors the house fits the site making a route from the street to the roof, turned into observatory transforming the tops in terraces looking for the horizons seen at the topographic city with it’s struggles and mutant culture  and its mountains with their fragile eternity..”  Cantilever, roof terraces, extensive glazing, natural light, indoor/outdoor sensibility, interesting geometry, lush vegetation, agreeable views..

image: © Leonardo Finotti; article: Arthitectural

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