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* Residential Architecture: House in Shido by Tadashi Saito + Atelier NAVE

Posted by the editors on Monday, 25 June 2012

Residential Architecture: House in Shido by Tadashi Saito + Atelier NAVE: “ open courtyard invites one into the entrance, where a large open floor plan is revealed. while visually interconnected, the interior spaces are physically delineated by thin steel columns and large glass walls. the floor material helps to suggest changes in spatial function: warmer wood flooring spans the general living areas, tatami mats line in the japanese room, polished concrete divides the space between the house and the exterior, and vegetation spreads over the exterior gardens..the staircase ascends through the airy orthogonal volumes into the equally flexible second level organization, mirrored by a roof garden enclosed with opaque panels along the south for privacy. the exterior of the second story is clad with corten steel panels, strategically punctured to allow views from the bedroom to its aged surroundings. the ground floor exhibits a corrugated metal exterior marking the modularity that can be found on the inside..”  Though seemingly quite closed, with its corten steel and corrugated metal, there is an very nice interior courtyard / roof garden that offers abundant natural light (while maintaining privacy); extensive glazing, materials sensibility..

image: Courtesy of Tadashi Saito + Atelier NAVE; article: Designboom

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