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* Residential Architecture: North Fork Residence by Thielsen Architects

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Residential Architecture: North Fork Residence by Thielsen Architects: “..Perched on the edge of a wooded cliff overlooking Tate Creek, the North Fork Residence occupies a small shelf of land on the east face of a mountainous site. The house forms mirror the natural slope of the site; grounding the house and making it appear as a natural connection between the steep slopes above and below it. This effect is intensified by the underground garage built into the slope and the use of natural stone as an exterior finish material where the building meets the ground..In response to the harsh environment, the portions of the house not covered in stone are sheathed in metal, which will patina with the passage of time and exposure to the elements. The interior is organized along a central circulation spine with spaces transitioning from public to private along its length. All primary interior and exterior living spaces face east, capturing panoramic views..”  Lovely site, extensive glazing, natural light and views, nature, stone and patinated metal exterior, abundant wood interior..

image: Art Grice; article: Arthitectural

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