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* Residential Architecture: Hill End Ecohouse by Riddel Architecture

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 28 June 2012

Residential Architecture: Hill End Ecohouse by Riddel Architecture:”..Riddel Architecture of Queensland demolished a house in Brisbane, Australia, and then built a new home out of the salvaged materials..the project cannibalised 80% of the material from the original structure and the remaining unusable pieces were taken away in just two skips..Extra materials were sourced from the local area, while the landscaping features gravel made of crushed paving and chipped trees from the previous garden..’With sustainability at its core the Ecohouse holds a 6-star energy efficiency rating and is self sufficient without sacrificing its aesthetic beauty..fully self sufficient in both water and power and has a monitoring system to measure the use of energy, gas and water as well as temperature and humidity. This system also provides a carbon footprint for the house. The north-facing roof has 3kW photovoltaic panels which generate 15kWh/day, ample energy for household requirements..'”  Sustainability, solar energy, passive features, ample glazing, natural light, ventilation, views; impressive..

image: Courtesy of Riddel Architecture; article: Dezeen

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