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* Residential Architecture: Maribyrnong House by Grant Maggs Architects

Posted by the editors on Thursday, 28 June 2012

Residential Architecture: Maribyrnong House by Grant Maggs Architects: “..a dwelling which presents a zinc, and masonry two storey facade to the street.  The reverse view from the river shows the zinc cladding peeled away to reveal a glazed curtain wall and protected balconies and terraces offering views up and downstream from each of the three levels..The quality and practicality of materials were paramount to this project. The house is designed to be low maintenance through its use of high quality durable materials such as zinc, bluestone, recycled timber, off form concrete, polished concrete and stainless steel..The design is driven by the available views from the site together with the client’s interest in a polished but livable product..”  Crafted discretion for the front facade, rear facade with extensive glazing, balconies and terraces; abundant natural light, views, indoor/outdoor and materials sensibility..

image: Martin Saunders and James Vlahogiannis of Blackwood Studios; article: Contemporist

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