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* Residential Architecture: Recasting House by Donaghy & Dimond Architects

Posted by the editors on Saturday, 30 June 2012

Residential Architecture: Recasting House by Donaghy & Dimond Architects: “..The project was to extend and remodel a 1920’s bungalow by the edge of a busy road. The ground falls away steeply behind the house, which formerly stood aloof from its garden. The design draws the living quarters down the hill into a new relationship with the garden. The rooms of the bungalow are given over to entrance, bedrooms and bathroom. The new concrete structure bridges and binds the house to the garden and its chimney anchors above and below..The span of the extension houses a double height living-room, kitchen and utility spaces, stepping down and out through a terraced plinth to the garden below. The form of the casting springs and rotates to draw one down into the south and west light. The living room is floored with end-grain woodblock and the kitchen with polished concrete, wall surfaces are rough and smooth, bush-hammered concrete and painted timber sheeting. The kitchen dining room opens up as a terrace to the garden and a sunlit deck is carried on its back..”  Contemporary extension to an existing home; ample glazing, natural light, visual connection to the garden; interesting interior volumes..

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image: © Ros Kavanagh; article: “Recasting / Donaghy & Dimond Architects” 28 Jun 2012. ArchDaily. <;


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