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* Residential Architecture: Palmerston Studio by Boyd Cody Architects

Posted by the editors on Sunday, 1 July 2012

Residential Architecture: Palmerston Studio by Boyd Cody Architects: “ artist asked us to design a studio, full of natural light, to be built at the end of her garden..Having recently completed a two-storey addition to the main house, we wished the studio to continue the sculptural language of this form to complete the spatial arrangement of volumes in the garden..Modest in size, the studio’s massing is determined by the existing small outbuilding and the geometry of the garden. It is a tall space with a large central roof-light under which the artist works. In order to animate the space further, a shaft of south light is directed into the studio through a deep recess over the entrance. A picture window at ground level provides a view down the garden while at the same time framing the activity of the studio..Internally the studio is read as a neutral white space, allowing the furniture and the artist’s work to take on a painterly quality. Externally, the studio is clad in corten steel, an economic and expressive material, its colour and slow patination re-enforces the building’s sculptural quality..”  Ample glazing, lightwell, distinctive form and materials sensibility..

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image: Paul Tierney / Boyd Cody Architects; article: “Palmerston Studio / Boyd Cody Architects” 02 Mar 2011. ArchDaily. <;


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