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* Architecture: The University of Wollongong AIIM by SKM – S2F Architects

Posted by the editors on Monday, 2 July 2012

Architecture: The University of Wollongong AIIM by SKM – S2F Architects: “..Accessed over two levels via a naturally ventilated glass ‘link’ between two large precast research buildings, this delicate timber structure houses some of the country’s most powerful microscopes. Any continuous structural elements in the vicinity must be non-ferrous as the microscopes are highly sensitive to electromagnetic interference. This sets the stage for the method of construction and the palette of materials..The fully glazed ‘link’ building provides visual and physical connection between the buildings. The cladding of the Microscopy Building is an expression of the fundamentals of non-ferrous construction, using Pacific Teak and Spotted gum. The ground floor of this semi public transition space is composed in shades of polished concrete in geometric patterns which continue in to the landscape..The first floor bridge link is a continuous path of bright red linoleum winding its way through the glass link structure connecting all three buildings like a ‘snakes and ladders’ board and creates a zone for social interaction, accidental meetings and sets the scene for a collaborative academic environment..In the context of a greenfield site this composition of buildings has informed the creation of public spaces for respite and recreation within the irregular geometry of the Link building and in the adjacent landscaped areas..”  Interesting form, materiality..

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image: Courtesy of SKM – S2F; article: “The University of Wollongong AIIM / SKM – S2F” 10 Jun 2012. ArchDaily. <;


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