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* Residential Architecture: Vila Castela Residence by Anastasia Arquitetos

Posted by the editors on Monday, 2 July 2012

Residential Architecture: Vila Castela Residence by Anastasia Arquitetos: “..Built in a sloped site (30 degrees) in the city of Nova Lima, Brazil, the house uses dramatic cantilevers to emphasize the extremity of its position. We have chosen this concept not only for aesthetic reasons, but above all to reduce the interference of the building mass in the topography, keeping the site as natural as possible..As we placed the ground level of the residence 7 meters below the street , we were able to preserve the pedestrian view of the forest, at the same time that keeping the privacy of the owners, because the main apertures and the glass walls are oriented to the east, on the opposite side of the street. The urban impact of the residence is minimized, in benefit of the beautiful view of the woods..As the climate of this region is very good, with average temperatures of 28°Celsius in the summer, and 16° Celsius in the winter, the right orientation of the doors and windows prevents the use of artificial climate. Solar voltaic cells are placed on the roof..”   Extensive glazing, lovely views, natural light; cantilevers, terrace; solar energy..

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image: © Jomar Bragança; article: “Vila Castela Residence / Anastasia Arquitetos” 03 Oct 2011. ArchDaily. <;


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