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* Architecture: Fukoku Tower by Dominique Perrault

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Architecture: Fukoku Tower by Dominique Perrault: “..This tower project for the Fukoku insurance company takes inspiration from the profile of a gigantic tree whose roots proliferate on the surface of the ground. Splayed at its base, the tower’s outline tapers elegantly as it rises, gracing the city’s skyline with a vertical asymptote. The contrast between the structure’s base and upper regions is accentuated by the treatment of the building’s “bark”..Broad “wood chips” on the lower levels gradually give way to a sleek wall. The glass facade is worked into a crescendo of encrusted mirrors at the base, reflecting the colors of the sky and the surrounding environment. Situated at the exit of Osaka’s main train station, the building will become a lasting landmark in the urban landscape..”  Interesting inspiration for this mixed-use glass tower in Osaka, Japan..

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image: © Daici Ano / DPA / Adagp; article: “Fukoku Tower / Dominique Perrault” 05 Apr 2012. ArchDaily. <;


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