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* Residential Architecture: Casa Ceschi by Traverso Vighy

Posted by the editors on Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Residential Architecture: Casa Ceschi by Traverso Vighy: “..The Ceschi House leans against the 12th century walls of the city of Vicenza. The architects have “listened” to the existing building carefully: restoring the original walls using traditional techniques, while developing the interior as an independent project which allowed the redistribution of the inner spaces in a functional manner..The vision of the restoration as a quest for sustainability has been pursued in the broadest sense of the term, including technical, economic and energy issues. The aim was to create a lightweight structure, that has a character of reversibility, built with high-tech systems, which allowed a period of prefabrication, and streamlining of the implementation and installation phases..In the restoration of the Ceschi house, a new structure was designed to fit inside the existing empty walls: a skeleton of laminated larch wood which extends the full height of the building, defining its distribution and establishing a collaborative relationship with the container characterized by an outstanding anti-seismic performance..The new structure makes no alterations to the exterior load-bearing walls, but replaces the structural function of existing internal partitions with a lightweight frame system. All the elements which make up the structure were prefabricated, enabling a high level of precision in survey, design and execution..For the thermal insulation of the building, which has been classified as class A, a system of insulating panels were set inside the existing masonry walls, consisting of multilayer insulation laid on a wood and compressed earth panels..”  Sustainability, thoughtful stylish restoration / refurbishment of this ancient home..

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image: © Alessandra Chemollo; article: “Casa Ceschi / Traverso Vighy” 02 Jul 2012. ArchDaily. <;


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