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* Residential Architecture: Private House by Enrico Iascone Architects

Posted by the editors on Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Residential Architecture: Private House by Enrico Iascone Architects: “..the high-end design used prefabricated wooden elements for the above ground storey on a concrete underground level. the thermal insulation and humidity control allows for the building to obtain a class A energy certification. choosing joint-mounted prefabricated wooden elements provided the advantages of on-site safety and assembly, that cuts overall worksite time considerably. the whole architecture is a play of opposites: a large apparently monolithic volume whose more secluded sides have different size glazed lights giving glimpses into deep interiors and providing views onto the outside. the ventilated wall is clad with extra-thin laminam ceramic slabs. its gray-black shades lending materiality and elegance. the ample use of wood is coupled with windows and door frames in burnished bronze. the ceramic cladding covers both walls and roof, the latter also laid with photovoltaic film. the planning show how technology and sustainability can be paired to create quality architecture and lifestyle. on the north side, the house presents a compact front with the ground level parking area. to the east, wooden floor terraces with glass mediate the extended use of daylight entering the interior..”  Interesting geometry and interior volumes, extensive glazing, interesting fenestration, abundant natural light, terraces, balconies, indoor/outdoor sensibility, ceramic cladding, wood flooring, staircase, and interior elements..

image: Courtesy of Enrico Iascone Architects; article: Designboom

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